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#02-BS / Zulhezan / \\ (a film score analects) (box set, 2019)

RM 65.00

\\ (a film score analects by Zulhezan)

℗ © 2019 PĕkekPublikasi #7

Composed, performed, engineered & produced by Zulhezan.

Track preview:

A selective mixtape of original motion picture score: Faharasat, Terbit 23 & Kisah Pelayaran ke Terengganu (Voyage to Terengganu).

A BOX SET Release

Limited press.

Every set to be individually hand-numbered and personalised.

Note: Earliest paid pre-orders will be granted the earliest serial numbers consecutively. (e.g. P#7-002, P#7-003, P#7-004...)

Pre-order: Starts February 20 to March 2019

Delivery: 2nd week of April onwards

Here's possibly the whole set:-

Comes with a conceptual packaging design.

1 x Compact Disc (CD) w/ individual artwork

1 x Cassette Tape w/ individual artwork

1 x A3-size Poster

1 x 38mm Badge Button

1 x set of assorted Stickers

+ additional artworks / inserts


1. Antĕlas

2. Terrapuri

3. Faharasat (blueprint edition)

4. 雨: 50 Words to Express Rain in Japanese

5. Hari Pĕrkabongan Nĕgara

6. Hadhrat Rodat

7. Tĕrbit

Sa-hasta panjang-nya berdusta (walhal) sa-gantang dĕrajat


Kĕdangsangan jalan tĕrbaik dalam tĕrluka
Kĕsandong-lah paramasastĕra hadhir dalam kĕchundang


Subterfuge to cross behind lunge
Wretched by forbearance
Well suited form to cast aside

An offer faute de mieux
Unless it's a failed cross section
Assuming folie à deux

Just like you