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#01-BS / Chatetan Konkerit (box set, 2018)

RM 65.00

Chatetan Konkerit (2008—2018)

10-Year Anniversary

A BOX SET Release

Only 150 sets to be made.

NO reissue in the future. Your only chance.

Every box set to be individually hand-numbered and personalised.

Note: Earliest pre-order will receive the earliest serial number consecutively. (e.g. CK-002, CK-003...)

Pre-order: From August 6 throughout September 2018

Retail price (after pre-order period): RM75

Estimation time of production: 6-8 weeks

Delivery begins: October 2018

So, what's inside the whole thing (box set)?

Comes with a creative outer packaging.

1 x Compact Disc (CD) w/ individual artwork sleeve

1 x Cassette Tape (in Norelco case) w/ individual artwork sleeve

1 x A3-size Poster / Stencil Card

1 x 37mm Badge Button

1 x set of Chatetan Konkerit Assorted Stickers

+ other artworks


1. Chatetan Konkerit

2. B-side

3. Offcuts + Outtakes (extra)

Biarkan-nya di-bawah
Terus terang = Lenchong gelap
Menyapa, sembah ampun
Berpentasan dua (bertentangan)
Parafrasa-nya serba satu
Rendang bukan redup
Dekat salah = Jauh benar